We supply a whole range of different fixings that will suit all application. Our ranges include.

Baypole Screws

We stock a range of baypole screws used in everyday installation of UPVC windows and doors.

High Quality self Drilling, fully threaded 4.8mm bright zinc plated screw with a self drilling pot tip, designed to join UPVC windows and conservatory frames together or to a bay window pole, or to any other connection of window frame to frame, creating a strong fixing. This screw saves time and hassle doing 2 jobs.

Four sizes available 50mm, 60mm, 70mm and 80mm in boxes of 100.

Concrete Screws

Our quality range of Concrete Screws are both corrosion resistant and pull out resistant. Available in various sizes to suit your application. Concrete screws can be used for a variety of tasks such as fixing both UPVC and timber frames to masonry.

Multi Purpose Screws

We stock a wide range of zinc yellow passivated Multi Purpose Screws. They come in 2 different sizes 4mm, 5mm and a selection of different lengths starting from 30mm up to 90mm. The Multi Purpose screws are designed for use on products such as hardwood, chipboard, MDF, sheet metals and most UPVC products.

Features of the screws

  • Available in boxes
  • Pozi drive head
  • High strength and deep threaded